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“Interior design and decorating have a need for the energy, mood and life
that is brought into a space by original artwork.”

Current Exhibition

SECOND NATURE: Beauty in the Ordinary

6/12 through 8/30

This show explores the beauty in everyday life and the extra dimension that life inherently holds. Interactions and seemingly regular conversations among people, the surrounding light in a setting, architecture and everyday things, reveal the inherent beauty in life. Second nature pushes the boundaries of ordinary materials.

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About Our Unique Gallery


We're just like the rest, only different

transFORM Gallery presents diverse and eclectic exhibitions of original artwork in Manhattan and New Rochelle, NY. Our artfully curated exhibitions provide visitors with the opportunity to discover a variety of mediums from painting and sculpture to mixed media and graphic arts. Artists come to transFORM from throughout the world and our neighboring communities in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey to present their artwork for homeowners and interior designers to find pieces to enhance their interiors. transFORM Gallery provides a window into the artists process and inspirations to create connections between the feeling of the artists and the viewer.

transFORM Gallery lives at the crossroads of art and interior design. Interior design and decorating have a need for the energy, mood and life that is brought into a space by original artwork. Our gallery hosts many exhibitions and events each year and functions as a showroom for our home storage designs. Each one-of-a-kind, custom designed closet and built-in storage fixture made at transFORM is an expression of their client’s passions, lifestyle, desires and tastes, much like the art displayed in our gallery.

Since it’s opening, transFORM Gallery has collaborated with local artists and civic organizations to support the advancement of the arts and non-profit groups. Gallery owner, Andreas Messis, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us. We have a space that supports imagination and innovation, and through that, the community at large.” transFORM Gallery invites you to a new experience of art and interior design.


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